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TelefoníaGatewaysPortech MT-358:8 channel analog GSM Terminal

Portech MT-358:8 channel analog GSM Terminal

Referencia: MT-358
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Descripción del producto

MT-358 is a 8 channels GSM Gateway / GSM Fixed Wireless Terminals that has FXS,FXO,GSM*8 interface

It can connect with PBX,PSTN or VoIP Gateway

Function Description

1. Conversion of wire & wireless communication

2. Auto-select economic route

3. Code Conversion Setting :Through the connection towards local PSTN line, the phone calls will proceed with code-transfer dialing process.

4. Voice volume adjustment

5. Set the Allow-to-Dial Code (GSM Prefix No.Setting (50 sets))

6. Set GSM dial-out code amount

7. Polarity reversing function

8. Definition of DTMF reversing signal

9. Limit of communicating time

10. GSM function of dialing out the prompt voice

11. When not connecting to Telephone Office line, GSM will provide the forced dial-out function

12. Set up GSM extra dialing local code

13. Set up extra dialing local-code to PSTN

14. GSM simulated Ring Back Tone function

15. GSM isn't ready, call will be forced to dial out from PSTN

16. Follow Me , Call-transfer: - PSTN to GSM: An incoming call of PSTN will be transferred to specify GSM no. - GSM to PSTN: 1. GSM in PSTN out, give you a Dial Tone and you can enter any destination number 2.An incoming call of GSM will be transferred to specify PSTN no.

17. GSM Frequency bands: Quad band:850/900/1800/1900MHZ

18. 24 months warranty

Full Automatic Economic Router

MT-354/ MT-358 has the function to choose route automatically. When you dial out from your “MT-354/ MT-358”, it will check if this is belong to the Inter-Network number automatically. If yes, then it will dial out from the mobile and send two “beep” tones to ensure it really dial out from the mobile. If not, it will still dial out from the Central Office, CO(PSTN) line; it will dial out from your mobile without distinguishing if you don't connect the CO(PSTN) line.


  • Phone Impedance:Below DC 1kΩ,AC 600Ω.(not include line)
  • Phone Ring Output Voltage:45V rms.
  • Phone Signal (DTMF) Standard:-3dbm~-24dbm.
  • Phone Signal (DTMF)Time:50~100ms.
  • DTMF Frequency Rate Error:±1%
  • Feeder Voltage:48V.
  • AC Adapter:Input 110V/220V AC


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